Healthcare is digitising. knok can help.

knok is a leading innovative medtech startup for companies to deliver virtual care.

What is knok?

knok is a venture-backed startup that is on a mission to lead and humanise the digital transformation to healthcare to everyone, everywhere


To lead and humanise the digital transformation of healthcare for everyone, everywhere.


A world where everyone has access to quality healthcare through augmented telemedicine.


Provide digital-first access to healthcare for everyone, everywhere.

how can knok help?

We're powering augmented telemedicine

knok gathers over 30 data points in every consultation and turns them into actionable data.

  • Already working in 12 countries with over 30 clients

  • Revenues growing 5x year over year

  • Over 15 000 monthly appointments

  • Every 3 minutes someone in the world is using knokcare technology

Our Identity


Care for Life is achieved by our commitment to adapt, improvise and overcome.

Healthcare for Everyone

Improving access to health and care allows vulnerable populations to transform their life quality.

Commitment to integrity

Ethical approaches create transparency and build enduring relationships.

Healthcare Everywhere

The movement driving the delivery of digital healthcare will improve access and create a more equal society.


Healthcare is becoming more decentralised and citizens are taking back control over their quality of life.


A data-driven model of care helps to detect risk factors early so that we can prevent people from suffering.

Digital excellence

Virtual care will become the standard when it comes to innovation, best practices, and clinical governance.

Quality of care

Value-based care aligns incentives for providers, payors, and people by reducing costs and improving outcomes.


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