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  • We are human-driven! We believe in humanity as a differentiating factor. We care about others and how they feel, prioritising relationships that are guided by empathy, respect and collaboration.

  • We are committed to our purpose of living in a world where everyone, everywhere has timely access to high-quality healthcare. To achieve this, we count on a unique group of people who combine scientific and technical expertise to create innovative products and solutions.

  • We truly believe in the impact we can have on the world for a better future in healthcare. That’s why we adopt a beginner's mindset, while keeping an open mind to every new idea. In every attempt, a learning. In every learning, new knowledge. We are always in beta.

  • Knowledge is knok's fuel. We have unlimited potential and ability to learn. That's why we promote the exchange of ideas, seeing every moment as a learning opportunity. This allows us to be on the cutting edge in everything we do.

  • At knok, transparency is a driver of development that allows everyone to be involved in our mission. We communicate openly, that is what drives us forward. We believe that sharing creates alignment, making the future clearer for everyone.

  • We are team players by default and connected by the same sense of purpose and beliefs. Therefore, we support and inspire each other every day, working in unity in order to achieve our mission.

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The clinical team leads the way of the design, implementation and evaluation of digital journeys. They include doctors and healthcare professionals from other specialities devoted to digital health and its applicability to everyday healthcare. They are also our internal source for scientific and clinical insights.

Customer success

The customer success team is responsible for the onboarding process, welcoming new clients and users while offering continuous training about our platform. They work as a bridge between us and our customers, working to focus and align the goals on both sides, while ensuring they get the most out of the product.


The data team is responsible for delivering insights and making sure that data assets are scalable, reliable and compliant, while also keeping definitions and metrics coherent and well documented. Their mission is to promote data-driven decision making and build the foundation for clinical research and machine learning.


The design team is responsible for creating the best user experience for everyone who interacts with our platform, including brand identities and tailored digital solutions and features. They are the experts in the art of understanding what our customers expect from our products.


The engineering team is in charge of all the software developed within the company, including web and mobile apps and all the necessary infrastructure to support them. They also ensure the adherence of our products to best practices in performance, scalability, robustness and security.


The finance team handles our strategic planning and analysis, being responsible for reporting, key drivers analysis, treasury management and financial control. They also ensure that the Board & Administration have timely financial data in order to drive forward knok's strategic growth plan.


The marketing team is responsible for elevating knok’s brand by creating high-impact campaigns, driving growth at every stage of the customer journey and developing global company communication and presence, such as events, relationship with the press, sales enablement, and more.


The operations team is responsible for delivering all the tools necessary for doctors to connect with patients via remote and face-to-face consultations. They are specialised in logistics and work to optimise response times, ensure the quality of the service and analyse trends to help make better decisions. 


The people team is responsible for the entire lifecycle of everyone at knok, by managing their experience from talent acquisition, onboarding, people development, coaching and internal communications. They are also responsible for ensuring that knok's culture is embedded in our team.


The product team is responsible for delivering customer value through prototyping and data-driven decision-making. They are the ones who plan and promote new features, while also measuring the success of each one of them.Their mission is to convert the company strategy into an actionable product roadmap.


The project team includes everyone responsible for implementing our projects, such as our clinical staff and project managers. They use their clinical expertise to offer the best digital health solutions to meet the needs of our clients.


The sales team is responsible for being the direct link between our products and our customers by going beyond selling in order to build relationships with our clients and help identify their unique needs. Present in both Portugal and Brazil, their daily duties include prospecting, negotiating and keeping in touch with our customers.


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We are a team of passionate people who are redefining the way healthcare is delivered. We are looking for people who share our vision and want to make a difference.

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As Care Orchestrators, our clinicians are the heart of everything we do. Join us if you want to use the most advanced digital health solutions to provide a personalised and engaging patient experience throughout all stages of life.

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We understand that work-life balance is important specially on health level, so we offer flexible working arrangements and healthcare resources that allow employees to keep their work-life-health perfectly balanced.

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& Inclusion

We envision a world where everyone, everywhere, has timely access to quality healthcare through augmented telemedicine, reducing inequality in society.
When we say everyone, everywhere, we really mean it: we embrace every single person, no matter their cultural, personal, or social background.

With a human-to-human approach at all times, we are entirely devoted to ensuring equal opportunities regardless of age, beliefs, gender, identity, origin, race, religion, or sexual orientation.