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Our medical and scientific teams analyses valuable clinical data and work on new solutions to improve the quality of life and health of patients supported by a value based care model.


More than a journey builder, an engagement engine

knok gives healthcare professionals the tools needed for a more collaborative relationship with patients, as well as better understanding of their context and conditions. By building 1-to-1 connections across entire care journeys, we’re enabling a patient-centric model.

  • Patient outreach & campaigns
  • Broadcast messaging
  • Omnichannel engagement
  • Educational content
  • Custom interactions
  • Automated reminders


Data-driven healthcare

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  • No-show rate below 6%.

    Well-planned notifications promote no-shows in teleconsultation

  • Improved clinical outcomes

    Provide a better control of chronic conditions and promote timely screenings

  • Improved satisfaction

    Provide a premium service to a larger client base while getting constant feedback

  • Adherence > 75% to PROMs & surveys

    Overall high patient adherence to PROMs and surveys up to 12 months

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A few clicks away from a revolution

Years of patient relationship management and better health outcomes in just 5 steps

Plan your journey

It all starts from putting your ideas into action!

  • Plan your journey and set your goals based on the target population.
  • Choose between a broadcasting message journey or a fully calendarised one.
  • Determine if it be triggered by patient enrolment or a reference event, like a surgery.


Are you ready to unveil the power
of Care Orchestration?

Create unlimited journeys with fully customisable interactions

Next up

Our roadmap is paving the way
for AI in healthcare

Our roadmap is transforming the delivery of healthcare services and shaping the future of medicine.
By leveraging the power of AI, we accelerate medical research, identify novel treatment options, and bring about a new era of personalised and precise healthcare for individuals worldwide.

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