No more waiting hours in a hospital emergency department!
knok allows you to call a doctor to your place of choice
without the hassle of long queues in hospitals.

Save your time!


Do you remember when you were a child and the doctor would come to your home? It’s not easy to take a child or an elderly person with mobility problems to a hospital or a GP clinic.

You can wait for the doctor in the comfort of your home! Why going to a hospital?


With a simple structure and layout, in four taps you can call a doctor to your home or office.

Simpler? Impossible!


Your doctor is never far away. Via a map and GPS, you can see the available doctors nearby and choose the one you want to make the appointment with knok, knok…the doctor knocks at your door! With a simple structure and layout, in four taps you can call a doctor to your home or office.

knok, knok… the doctor knocks at your door!


With a rating functionality, the patient can access the feedback from other patients, ensuring quality and community building, while helping us to improve our service. Patient data is encripted and confidential and payments are always made in app - healthcare is all about health, not money.

Calling a doctor has never been safer!

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The doctor that comes to you!

knok connects patients to independent doctors in real time. These doctors are available to attend you within a short time frame and they will meet you at your home, office or hotel for your own convenience.

It’s all about the patient’s choice

For patients who would rather choose their own physician and value a trusting and on-going relationship with their doctor, knok will take the doctor to you wherever you are. And you can always be seen by the same doctor!

Time doesn’t matter

One of our main goals is customer satisfaction. Our appointments do not have a pre-determined duration though we estimate that on average a doctor will take 30 minutes per appointment. We prioritise your care and we believe that patient’s needs should be what drives the appointment duration.

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